Make Your Own*

Student receives one-on-one instruction to make a vessel or paperweight.

*Our studio is open to the public only a few times a year. Check our website regularly or email us a request!

30 mins, $60-75/person

Girls 'n Glass, History in the Making

We often begin with a brief history of glass, discuss life as an Italian glass artist from the 1500-1900s and highlight the woman’s role in this industry. We discuss the glass studio movement in the US, contrasting women’s roles in the US with those in Italy. I speak a bit on girl power of building my own studio: highlighting challenges and then, the grace of perseverance. I introduce the students to the three major pieces of equipment and explain their purpose. (20-30 minutes)

We briefly discuss safety, team work, the importance of communication and how to have fun weaving together these three components. 

Then, we dance! 

We’ll sculpt glass to understand it’s characteristics. Games exploring gravity, rotation & heat. Tweezing, twisting and prodding a flower sculpture. 

We’ll blow glass to revel in it’s magical qualities. Color creation and ornament making. 

Students will walk away with a strong sense of empowerment, camaraderie, a respect and appreciation for glass and as icing on the cake 1-2 glass paperweights and/or vessels!

Minimum 3 students.                   3.5 hrs, $250/person

Studio Tour

By appointment only. Groups of 4 or more.

30 mins, $20/person

Private lessons

Give us a call at 828.545.9186.